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5.1 03/01/11
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  • Windows XP
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Snooker Manager 5.1 03/01/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Features of The Snooker Club ManagerCalculates the time a player is on a table in real time as well as letting you charge by table time or per player.

You can add drinks and food to their bill as well as Pause their game time and move them to a different table without losing any billing information.

You can even shut down the computer and start it back up without billing information being lost. Produces a very nice formatted bill calculated for you.

Set different prices for each table Snooker, Pool, darts, Internet time, If you want you can even charge per room. The Manager can add food drinks to the list setting prices and the layout of the tables up to 99 tables can be on the screen at one time.

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